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For over 140 years, Shimadzu has continued to be your trusted partner by providing leading-edge analytical instruments. Now, we further support your success through borderless delivery of the high quality consumable products that solve everyday challenges. All this is for the pursuit of our corporate proposition to provide “Excellence in Science” solutions.

Issue 02/2023

Secrets of Science

Pure performance: Saving time with ultra-fast preparative LC
Syngenta uses UFPLC to extract and purify gram-scale by-products

Speeding development of electric hypercars
Rimac Technology steers simulation data with Shimadzu’s Autograph AGS-X

Using light to beat cancer
New approaches in photodynamic therapy

Analysis of PAH

with Shim-C18-PAH

Shim-C18-PAH is a column specially designed for the challenging PAH analysis. Shim-C18-PAH delivers perfect resolution and fast analysis for all used PAHs.

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Original Shimadzu vials and caps

Quality vials and caps,
for the perfect interaction of Shimadzu instruments and accessories.

Shimadzu offers a broad range of vials and caps. You can either assemble your set of vials and caps according to your own wishes or choose from pre-assembled kits. Choose from 0.3 ml Micro-Vials up to 125 ml bottles.

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